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Rescue, Education & Appreciation

Scales, Feathers & Fur is a small growing family of rescued and surrendered animal ambassadors! Our goal is to bridge the gap for humans and animals, teaching appreciation and understanding through interactive experience!

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For birthdays, schools, special needs, summer camps, scouts, recreational, assisted living and more!

We bring our animals to the event location for a fun and educational experience! This may include lizards, tortoises, snakes, amphibians, arachnids & invertebrates! Mammals and birds will be added to our programs in the future! We look forward to teaching guests of all ages about their specific needs, interesting behaviors and amazing adaptations!

Recommended for 75 guests or less. Programs can be tailored to fit your needs!

**Special pricing packages available for schools, camps and scouts who book multiple programs with us!

*Photography by Kyle Cunningham 



For large events, large summer camps, farmer's markets, festivals, corporate events and more! 

We offer a walk through style program for guests to come and go at their own pace. Animals will be safetly presented on a display table and playpen area under our constant supervision, where guests can interact with or view the animals and ask us questions on their way through!

Minimum 60 minute time slots, can be booked for several hours (2 hours recommend). This is a great choice for large events or programs with more than 75 guests coming and going and busier events with other noise and distractions.

*Photography by Epique Captures | Conor McCarthy 



For quick learning about different facts and tips from home or the classroom!

We offer virtual programs and short educational clips about our animals, their behaviors and enrichment! Get a virtual tour of where our animals live! This is a great way to quickly learn from far distances anywhere in the world for a more affordable program option!



For creative projects or fun and unique animal photos, appropriate for all ages.

Want a beautiful snake or two (or three?) modeled in your creative project? Or maybe just a few awesome animals for a fun small group experience and unique photos? We are happy to provide this! Handlers will adjust and pose snakes or other animals through the session, and of course educate along the way! We can bring animals to an already established shoot, or we can also recommend photographers and studios.

We typically book 45 or 60 minute sessions, maximum time is 4 hours. Very small groups of 1-5 recommended. Additional snakes or animals can be added for additional cost. Packages vary depending on which animals are requested.

*Photography by Epique Captures | Conor McCarthy at Wildthorn Productions Studio

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Around 75% of our animals are rescues and surrenders. Each of these animals have specific needs, some of them are a lifetime commitment - like a red footed tortoise or parrot who can live 80 years! All of them are a tremendous responsibility - even down to an animal as seemingly 'simple' as a bunny.

Pictured above is Poppy (right) and Violet (left), two surrendered chinchillas. These animals require a very special diet and need daily enrichement - like a large 15 inch running wheel, chews for their teeth and mental stimulation, and can live up to 20 years. A lot of people are shocked to learn how long they can live and what they require for being a 'small' animal! For example.

Part of what we do with our programs is teach every possible aspect we can about these animals, why they require a very prepared owner, or simply do not make good pets at all. Most of what we do is help people see how truly wonderful each animal is in their very own ways!

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Owner, Caretaker & Educator

Niki has been active in wildlife conservation and education, as well as native and exotic animal rescue and education for the past 12 years!

She has worked with over 40 species of animals! This includes (but is not limited to) apex predators like wolves and alligators, exotic animals like chinchillas and reticulated pythons, commonly surrendered pets like bunnies and tortoises, unusual and commonly feared creatures like tarantulas and hissing cockroaches, native animals like birds of prey and skunks, and many more!

Her experience has been gained through many years of hands-on learning and exposure. Niki is a trained professional with a multitude of animals and a well rounded public speaker for programs thanks to the many opportunities she has had working and volunteering at well known places, like: Wolf Hollow (2012-2018), Curious Creatures (2015-2023), Wolf Mountain Nature Center (2014-present) and Mass Audubon's Blue Hills Trailside Museum (2019-present).

Niki has a mission to end all the fear spreading misinformation and myths about these amazing animals. She has spent her life speaking for those who can't speak for themselves, to create an understanding and appreciation for all creatures we share this life with!

*Photography by Tony Martinez | Wildthorn Productions 



Caretaker & Educator

Rob has a lifelong passion for herpetology and has been working hands on with reptiles collectively for more than 20 years!

More recently Rob has worked under Kevin McCurly at New England Reptile. He was responsible for caring for over 550 snakes per week and is an expert in handling and husbandry. He also gained experience with large lizards, such as monitor lizards and crocodilians. He has always wanted to work with animals and originally went to college to major as a veterinary assistant. He worked as a veterinary assistant at a local animal hospital for a short time before moving on to reptiles full time.

Rob has put his focus into his small operated ball python breeding project, as well as caring for our family of animals and educating the public about them.

*Photography by Tony Martinez | Wildthorn Productions 

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Music Video Shoot

Niki and Rob are both incredibly knowledgeable about all of the animals they work with. They genuinely care about safety and you can tell that the animals are completely comfortable in their care. We had the privilege of meeting three of their many snakes (Vlad, Matilda, and Maverick) and they were all fantastic. Programs like this are so important to educate and familiarize people with some of the rarer creatures in this world, and Scales, Feathers, & Fur is doing an exceptional job in ensuring these opportunities are available.


Walk Through Summer Program

Special Guest Stars ⭐️Scales, Feathers & Fur, Niki and Rob⭐️ were here around noon (after already working earlier) to share their wonderful selection of animals! I got to see a Tomato Frog, stag beetle, scorpion, geckos and many more that stole the show!! If you want a memorable and unique experience for a gathering, do not hesitate to contact them!!


Pop-up reptile program

Big thanks to Niki & Rob and their amazing animal friends Scales, Feathers & Fur for gracing Relief with their presence and providing an educational experience like no other! 🙌🐍


Bachelorette party

I hired Scales, Feathers, and Fur for my Bachelorette Party!! Niki and Rob did a great job! They were extremely knowledgeable about each animal and we learned a lot! Niki and Rob work very well together and you can see the amount of care they give their awesome animals! The up-close encounters were great and all of the animals were very well behaved! Millie is the most precious tortoise on the planet! I highly recommend Scales, Feathers, and Fur for your next event!


Daughter's birthday

I cannot speak highly enough of Niki and the animals and our experience start to finish! We have had such positive comments from the families and it was just magical. Everything we could have hoped for and more. Niki was incredible at handling the animals, kids and even grown ups!


Birthday party

Niki was AMAZING!! She was so kind and patient and even stayed a few minutes late for my nephew to arrive so he could see the snakes (they ended up hitting a deer on their drive from NY...a whole fiasco) and she made his entire weekend. All the guests were complimenting the entire experience, but her specifically. My daughter is still talking about how she got to hold the snake because she was the birthday girl!


Grandson's birthday

Niki is starting her own business! I highly recommend her, she is great with animals and people. My grandson went to a party she did last year and loved it! He talked about it and her for weeks! 🥰🐾


Supporting Friend

I had to write this 3 times because I'm so excited that Niki made the plunge and went after her dreams. She is going to be amazing. I am calling on people that I have supported and got the word out for. If you can give, promote and/or donate, please do so. She is the voice for those creatures that do not have one and she does it with heart, soul and love. Please welcome Niki!!!


45 minute program

Top-notch presenters! They really know their stuff and are great with animals! They are all so unique, such a fun event! You won’t be disappointed. 


Daughter's 8th birthday

Niki was amazing! So kind and patient. It was my daughter's 8th birthday and she said it was "A MAGICAL DAY!" THANK YOU!


Birthday party

Today was a great day!!! I can't say enough good things about our party today, Niki was amazing!!!!! This by far was one the best parties we have had. Thank you sooo much ❤️❤️❤️


Son's birthday party

We hired Scales, Feathers and Fur for my sons birthday. The staff was beyond exceptional. Their knowledge of the animals, the fun facts and the way they get the kids into it was amazing! We will 💯 be hiring them again in the future!!


Daycare program

Amazing job! We had so much fun at a Scales, feathers & fur event over the summer! My 4 and 6 year old daughters LOVED seeing all the reptiles! The even was interactive, educational and fun for all ages. I would absolutely book Niki and Rob again and again for our parties and events!


Daycare Program

We had a slithering good time learning about animal friends! Thanks for a fun and educational show by Scales, Feathers & Fur!



We strive to be and do our best during every interaction we have with each person who meets our animals. What keeps us at it is having feedback about our programs! What can we do better, or what did you enjoy about what you saw and learned? We cannot do this without our amazing customers! Your testimonials will help us to keep giving some of the best animal programs in New England!

*Photography by Tony Martinez | Wildthorn Productions 

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*Photography by Epique Captures | Conor McCarthy 

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